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Prospect analysis
Join the energy-saving industry immediately, and the development prospect is broader. The global market breeds broad business opportunities, and energy-saving blowers have reached a scale of one trillion. According to expert statistics, electricity cost accounts for about 80% of the variable cost of each sewage plant, accounting for about 55% of the total cost, reducing electricity consumption is an important means to reduce costs. In the next few years, there will be huge space in the field of energy-saving blowers, with huge potential. Anturbo company expect your cooperation. contact now
Agent conditions

● IndependenceIndependent legal persons and individual businesses

● ReputationHave a good reputation, brand development long-term regulation, market development ability

● MarketHas its own sales network and sales channels, a full-time salesman

● ManagementObey the unified management of the company

● CompanyHas fixed business place, has its own delivery transport, installation and after-sales service personnel

Agent policy and support
Agent process
Agent Application Form

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