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Ring Blower
Ring Blower

The annular fan impeller is directly mounted on the motor rotor, which is completely non-contact compression. Because the pump shaft is installed outside the compression chamber, it can ensure the maximum working reliability of the machine even if it works under the largest pressure difference.

The gas is sucked in by the suction port, but after it enters the side channel, the rotating impeller gives the gas a speed in the direction of rotation, and the centrifugal force on the blade accelerates the gas outward and increases the pressure.

As the rotation progresses, the kinetic energy of the gas increases, which further increases the gas pressure along the side channel. As the side channel narrows at the outlet, the gas is squeezed out of the blade and discharged through the outlet muffler, out of the pump body.

Features and advantages
Ring Blower

Improvement of traditional crafts, bearing front, increased stability

Using some of the imported parts, lengthen service life

The shell adopts the high quality aluminum alloy one-time die-casting molding, machining parts

Completed in the cutting process, ensure the accuracy improvement of traditional technology

The design of the impeller through the accurate calculation of argumentation, the performance under the same power ratio

Similar products increased by 20%

The performance advantages
  • 01100% oil free compressed gas, water ring vacuum pump, motor, all are the protection class IP55, class F insulation
  • 02dual frequency (50/60HZ) and wide voltage can meet almost all regions of the world the voltage level, the external design of the bearing,can bear high working temperature, improves the reliability and service life
  • 03products through the strict mechanical, electrical performance test, simulation demonstrate the use of PROE, UG, CAD and other computer aided design software and motion
  • 04the introduction of variable frequency drive new concept, than the maximum performance can be driven by a common motor is improved to 300%, impeller and pump body seal forms the unique reduced pressure gas pressure loss in the process of compression
  • 05pump casing, impeller die-casting molding, sturdiness and durability, excellent heat dissipation, imported Japan Germany, precision machine tool cutting, ensure the accuracy and quality, air pump through the surface of protective paint processing
  • ■ Specifications complete, famous all over the world as many as 100 kinds of products can meet your specific application of various requirements, with wide voltage frequency (50/60HZ) motor, protection class IP55 (class F insulation), anywhere in the world, can be applied to wind morale ring vacuum pump, whatever in Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, can be delivered in a very short period of time, our volume inventory of products can meet your needs.
  • ■ variable frequency drive energy efficiency directly when installing a variable frequency motor or the control cabinet, the gas ring vacuum pump, compressor of the same type can handle more traffic in energy saving at the same time. This is because always precise control system to provide accurate power you need, so as to prevent additional gas consumption, the system running cost greatly reduced.
  • ■ Flexible installation can be mounted in any direction, without any restrictions, which means that reduces the space requirements and installation costs
  • ■ Total quality management according to the standard of IS09001:2000, wind, always put the quality and customer satisfaction in the first place, from the initial design, development, production, order processing and subsequent customer support, we will always provide you the best service, system throughout the product cycle. Technology progress and market success of wind and products with its high quality is inseparable. In order to guarantee the high quality of products, from product design to delivery, wind, have been established for the reliable quality of each link of supervision to ensure production system. The quality assurance system in conformity with the agreed standards, and through the IS09001 certification, to meet the requirements of the world. Also welcome OEM, ODM set product development, new product usage requirements and situations develop satisfactory.
  • ■ Highest pressure difference 4PB our revolutionary 4PB gas ring vacuum pumps can generate up to 10OOmbar of differential pressure far higher than any other of the gas piston compressor. At present, the other system can produce pressure range than our 4PB volume larger, more noise, and easy to wear. Now, in addition to having low noise, no wear etc. these advantages, our 4PB can also be used in more severe conditions. Our engineers and designers are trying to make our products become more quiet. 4PB gas ring vacuum pump can work continuously for 20000 hours without downtime
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